Jackson Harley

Real Estate Sales Associate

Orange Beach / Gulf Shores / Baldwin County

Brett Real Estate, Robinson Development Company

About Jackson Harley

My name is Jackson Harley, ever since I was a kid I had a dream of being successful and helping others along the way. As soon as I was of legal age I was eager to become a licensed REALTOR and to serve those around me. So I did just that. 


Today I am a licensed agent serving the Lovely people of Alabama and the Fun, Fruitful people of Florida. Spending my days at the beach and soaking up the sun are just a few of my hobbies. I am an avid car enthusiast despite my last name and an active lifestyle promoter who believes that motion is like lotion in life. I believe that we move now so you can continue to move later on.


With all the moving aspects of a real estate transaction I don’t believe in taking time to stop. Whether it be buying or selling, both are complex in their very own ways. With that said, rest is a key ingredient in life to maintain a steady path. That is why you hire me, be rest assured, that  when you hire me… rest is the least of my concerns for getting you closer to you goals!

Enough about me. Are you interested in making your way down to the beach? Could you be thinking about turning that dream into reality, or are you looking to seek expert help in a real estate transaction? Give me a call!